A number of wealthy people no longer purchase white diamonds. Such people view white diamonds as commonplace. Alternatively, most wealthy individuals opt for certain kinds of  diamonds that are not only rare but highly valuable. While there are many varieties of colored diamonds, pink diamonds are the rarest and most expensive. White diamonds are 20 times less valuable than pink diamonds. As results, lots of people are acquiring pink diamonds  for the purposes of investment. On average 3 years is enough for pink diamonds to appreciate by up to 50 percent. This is one of the reasons why people are opting to invest in them. The advantage is that any individual can put their money in these  rare minerals. You can invest in these minerals even if you are not wealthy

The Reason Pink Diamonds are Rare

Due to a number of reasons, pink diamonds are very rare. You can only find 1 pink diamond in every 10,000 mined. Scientists haven't yet found out what makes some diamonds to be pink. 90 percent of pink diamonds in addition come from a site in Australia. The site is known as Argyle pink diamond mine and is located in Perth Western Australia. Production in the mine is set to conclude in 2020, though it began in 1983. Countries such as South Africa. India, Brazil and Indonesia account for the rest of the pink diamonds. The largest market for wholesale diamonds is the US, followed by Japan and India.

When Purchasing Pink Diamonds Consider the Following Tips

White diamonds are generally judged  on color, clarity, carat weight and cut. Pink diamonds are judged differently on the other hand. In this instance, darker pink diamonds fetch high prices. In the end, one should go for pink diamonds that's motivating. Aside from color saturation, it also important to consider your budget when buying pink diamonds. If money is not an issue, then you can opt to go for the priciest pink diamonds. Pink diamonds that have a darker hue are the most expensive. Ultimately, it is your budget that decides whether you go with a darker or lighter shade. Additional qualities that determine the price of pink diamonds are brightness, hue and intensity.


With 90 percent of pink diamonds coming from one site in Australia, it is safe to say that most of the diamonds being sold are legit. However, you should inquire about the origin of each and every piece of diamonds you buy. You can avoid purchasing diamonds that have been acquired through violence if you know the the origin. You should for instance avoid purchasing diamonds coming from Sierra Leone. Last but not least you can purchase pink diamond from a select jewelry retailers. Also, you can purchase pink diamonds online.